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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Pimp Mama

A 41 year old Massachusetts women is jailed for having her 10 year old daughter pose nude on her webcam for some sleazebag in Iowa. She claimed that she was duped into doing it as she was looking for modeling jobs for her 10 year old. Seriously!! She should pimp out herself before she pimps … Continue reading »

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All I can say is ‘huh??’

Read a story about a plastic surgeon (Dr. Michael Niccole ) who performed plastic surgery on his own daughter. As the story goes, he gave her a boob job for her 18th birthday as a gift and also did the surgery himself!! He apparently also injects botox into the armpit of his other daughter so … Continue reading »

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Good Friends

There is nothing like a night out with great friends! It reminds us that there is still some wonderful reasons to get up every day and to forget about the crap that goes on all around us. Good friends are like family and in some cases – better! Why? Because we all choose our friends!

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