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Government or Secret Society?

Posted by on January 8, 2021

Government is supposed to be ‘by the people, for the people’, and should be transparent.

Who ever said:
I want a government that has their own interests at heart and not mine.
I want a government that controls what I hear, read or say by controlling the media.
I want a government that will create laws that I must follow but they are exempt from?
I want a government that can get rich by taking money from corporations and foreign governments while burdening me with endless taxes?

Nobody in a free society ever said any of that!

That certainly is not ‘by the people, for the people’. It sounds more like ‘screw the people, its for me’!
We have a constitution for a reason and it is slowly being chipped away, slow enough where they hope you don’t notice it till its too late.

We don’t need an economic reset, we need a political reset.

“Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.”


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