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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Afghanistan killings vs Fast and Furious

First of all let me say that the stories of a soldier going rogue and killing some innocent Afghans is a tragedy that must be dealt with. The Obama administration released a statement saying ‘the Obama administration vowed a rapid investigation and promised to hold whoever was behind the violence fully responsible.’ Now that is … Continue reading »

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NFL Bounty System

Its been said that the New Orleans Saints were using a bounty type system to inflict injury on opposing teams. I understand the motivation that was attempted here but did it not bother them that this is illegal. In the real world this would be considered assault and battery at a minimum. The league is … Continue reading »

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Lindsay Lohan

Much was said about Lindsay Lohans SNL stint last night. I saw about the first half hour of it and thought she did a great job. She looks great, was funny and not afraid to poke fun at her personal life. As long as she can control her demons I think she will be ok … Continue reading »

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