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All I can say is ‘huh??’

Posted by on February 26, 2012

Read a story about a plastic surgeon (Dr. Michael Niccole ) who performed plastic surgery on his own daughter. As the story goes, he gave her a boob job for her 18th birthday as a gift and also did the surgery himself!! He apparently also injects botox into the armpit of his other daughter so she stops sweating!! This is insane in my opinion! First off, to be a plastic surgeon and allow your 18 year old to get bigger boobs just seems wrong all around. I would at least say tell her to wait till she is 21. Her body may still be developing at 18. For him to perform it himself seems creepy as well. I know, he probably feels better with himself doing it than someone else but still – just does not seem right to me. I am just glad that I have some morals left because when I read this story I just had to say – huh??!!


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