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What is happening to America?

Posted by on April 4, 2013

Here I sit, as an American citizen – watching this great country of ours go the way of socialist Europe (and that is not a good thing!). while this country has been great for so long it appears that many of the powers that be seem to think we need to be knocked down a peg or two! How can we let this happen America?

When we see so many new laws and bills being put to vote or already implemented that, for example, would
– Give illegal immigrants the ability to get drivers licenses.
– Give illegal immigrants the ability to get discounted (in state) tuition to schools.
– Give illegal immigrants the ability to be fast tracked to becoming legal citizens instead of doing it the proper way that millions of previous immigrants had to.
– Give illegal immigrants access to welfare, healthcare and many other government handouts that should only be afforded to legal citizens and taxpayers.

These are just a handful of issues that have become law or are trying to become law either federally or statewide. It says to me that we are trying to suppress the US citizen while opening the doors to anyone else! While we are all supposed to have more tolerance for the illegal immigrants it seems that we also are supposed to have less tolerance for the average United States legal citizen.

We are having some of our Constitutional rights chipped away such as gun control that seems to be sweeping the nation. We are supposed to sit back and watch as the government that we pay for squanders our hard earned tax dollars on bad ideas like socialized medicine (Obamacare), out of control welfare, a bloated government that just cannot seem to take enough of our money and many other atrocities!

Although many do not like guns or think that gun control or the second amendment is a bad idea let me remind you of something – if they can change or totally remove the 2nd amendment, they can certainly change or remove the 1st and all other amendments and destroy the Bill of Rights! you may not think it could happen but if you ask anyone who knows and understands European history, it happened there not too long ago. We cannot let the government mess with our Bill of Rights. The reason we have the Bill of Rights is so the government cannot do this to us – it is there for our protection from tyranny. Just because you disagree with something does not mean it should be eliminated for the rest of us – that is plain selfish. Making all kinds of laws that affect law abiding citizens does not and will not ever stop the unlawful from doing the evil that was the reason for these new laws. Its a bad catch 22 where bad deeds cause laws that affect the good, not the bad. this makes the good an easier target for the bad and now their job is easier. Crime will flourish as our rights get trampled! Times will indeed get much much worse, not better.

Our government is overstepping its bounds and doing everything in its power to weaken America. They seem to want us to no longer be the super power we are and instead want us to be a poverty stricken or heavily indebted nation that most of the world seems to be stuck in. Why should we have to be like the rest, why cant the rest of the world just try harder and be more like us! We were once a strong proud country but that seems to be an issue with the powers that be. They dont want us to be proud or strong, they want lemmings that will jump off the cliff when we are told to.

I for one refuse to be a lemming! I am not going to sit back and watch as America gets flushed down the toilet by a group of socialized minded idiots that do not understand that to be great you need to lead, not bow down to the rest of the world just because they dont like us. We, as the phoenix, will rise up from these ashes and must start by cleaning house. Lets vote these idiots out starting at the local level and working our way up to the White House. Lets get this country back!


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