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Why is politics so shameful!

Posted by on August 8, 2012

I just read an article on one of the major news sites titled ‘Obama camp asks supporters to dish dirt on possible Romney veeps’! Now as this really does not come as any big surprise, the fact that we, as Americans are now blatantly seeing the fact that politicians and politics are not really about the people.

Campaigns for centuries now have been doing just this but for the majority of campaigns since the beginning of this great country, acts such as looking for dirt on your opponent has been pretty much a cloak and dagger affair. Do it without letting anyone know you were doing it – stealthy so to speak. Now however, it seems perfectly acceptable to basically solicit the American people to see if anyone has any ‘dirt’ on possible candidates.

I have never liked mud slinging during a campaign because its basically the schoolyard equivalent of ‘you smell’, ‘no I dont, you do’! This for the most part has nothing to do with the candidates ability to take charge and run the country, or whether they have the ability to grab the attention of the American people and unite them.

Mostly its all about personal issues – ‘How can you trust a man who has cheated on his wife to run the government’ some have said about politicians in the past. I really dont think they have anything in common, you can be the biggest douche in the world but may have a knack for uniting people for the cause at hand or have game foreign policy skills. Someones ability to run the country and get us back on track has nothing to do with how well someone is liked – it has to do with what that person can accomplish if they have the backing of the country they are running.

I would much rather have a leader who understands what has to be done to accomplish goals and to be able to convince the rest of us that its the right thing to do and then go out and accomplish it, no questions asked – no matter how popular he may be personally!

If your ability to lead a company makes you a great CEO for example, then you may already possess these qualities. Just because someone is rich or poor does not mean they are not going to be good at getting our country going again. Lets make the personal attacks seem what they are – petty bullcrap! If a candidates idea of running a campaign is to try and personally attach his opponent, what do you think he will do as a leader when things dont go right? They will just stand around and blame everyone else but themselves! How much longer do we want to put up with the blame game people! Lets get out there and vote. Take some time to know the candidates on their ability not based on dirt the other side has thrown out into the media – this is how we get elected officials who dont achieve anything. Stop the madness – lets get our country back!


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