Congratulations to Boston and the Red Sox

Sherrickworld would like to congratulate the 2013 Major League Baseball World Series champion Boston Red Sox for their victory over the St. Louis Cardinals. It was a series for the ages and the 3rd World Series championship for Boston in the last 10 years after an 85 year drought! To all the Red Sox fans, congratulations and never forget, Boston Strong!!

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Some Retrospect

Here we are back from the government shutdown. Here are some of the things we have found out since:

  • We really do not need Washington DC and all of its politicians after all!
  • Affordable Care Act cost over 400 million for some web sites? Should have gone to GoDaddy!
  • Affordable Care Act signup, only about 50,000 did (or were able to)!
  • The administration thinks less of the armed forces veterans in this country than they do the illegals.
  • Word has it that park rangers were told to make it ‘as difficult as possible’ for visitors during the shutdown!

Well there are just 5 of the many things we discovered about our government during this shutdown. I know there are words that describe what many of us think about our government now more than ever before but most of those words are way too crass for any of our young readers! I am sure you all have your favorite terms for them and we will leave it at that for now.

In the meantime, lets just clean house and get some straight up, clean, for the people politicians in office at the first chance we get. This is almost at the point of being a joke. Oh and the fact that we now have China calling us out – whats up with that?! Way to go D.C.!!

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Mother Nature At It Again.

Seems like the good folks of rural America cannot seem to get a break from Mother Nature. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by the tornado’s out in Oklahoma and the entire Midwest. Many have the right attitude when something like this occurs and that is ‘We will rebuild and be better than it was before. We will come back stronger!’ – the great spirit of America! In such bad times you just got to tip your hat to these fine people, this is what makes America great. These are people helping strangers, neighbors helping neighbors, its a contagious way of life that these folks have known and been living forever! God Bless all those affected by these tragedies and also to all those who help out in any way.

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